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Windsocks and the Blue Wool Scale

The Blue Wool Scale measures and calibrates the stability of colouring dye and provides information on the rate in which different colour fabrics fade. Some colours fade quicker than others dependant on the pigments.

Ultraviolet light (UV radiation) has the most effect on fabrics and is the main factor for materials fading. Hence, the Blue Wool Scale is extensively used as a standard during UV exposure and UV weathering tests for fabrics and textiles.

Why is the Blue Wool Scale important to windsocks?

Windsocks are usually made from polyester or nylon material. They are often positioned in locations where they are exposed to high levels of UV and extreme weather conditions. Therefore, Blue Wool Scale analysis is important in the selection of robust fabrics used in commercial windsock manufacture.

Essential safety item

A windsock is a mandatory safety item used in aviation and many other industries. Including oil and gas, commercial refrigeration, water treatment plants and commercial sewage stations. All windsocks should be installed in the right location so that they correctly function as a wind direction indicator.

Check your windsock regularly

It is vital you regularly check your windsock, especially after long spells of extreme weather and exposure to high levels of UV. To ensure that your windsock colour has not faded, that it is not torn and is fully functional. As soon as you notice any deterioration you should replace your windsock. At Windsock Company we recommend that when ordering your next windsock, always order two so you have one spare, ready for when you need to replace it. This will save you delivery costs as well.

To order a new windsock from our standard range visit our online shop. Alternatively, if you wish to order a bespoke windsock or are unsure which size windsock you require. Please contact the Windsock Company Team. Either call 01245 230700 or send us an email.