Our windsocks and masts have been tried and tested in over 55 countries – from the Sahara to Antarctica and from a British farmer’s airstrip through to North Sea oil and gas platforms. We have created product data sheets for you to give you more info about the windsocks that we sell.
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Aviation and Airport Windsocks

Our windsocks conform to CAA CAP 168, ICAO Annex 14 and FAA standards

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Industrial Windsocks

Our windsocks will meet the COMAH regulations

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Other applications

Other applications of windsocks include:
  • Highway cross wind indication
  • Firing ranges
  • Composting sites
  • Emergency services
  • Zorbing
  • Creative and artistic design installations


The components used in the manufacture of our windsocks are sourced with experience from the marine industry and are designed to give maximum value for money in harsh outdoor conditions. Have a look at our product data sheets for more info about our windsocks.


Standard windsocks are made from polyester or nylon materials which have a good resistance to fading, are strong and durable.

Windsock colours

Our standard windsocks are made in fluorescent orange (polyester) or international orange (nylon). Other colours and combinations are available on request, e.g. striped (red/white or orange/white) or plain colours.

windsock – Standard fitting types

We offer a range of windsock fitting types to suit most windsock mast swivel systems and applications. We can also manufacture to your specification.

windsock – additional features

We offer custom printed windsocks  using a range of methods: screen print, digital print and adhesive vinyl lettering.

Our windsocks can be fitted with anti flutter/anti fray netting at the tail end.