We are dedicated to produce and supply quality windsocks and windsock masts as well as swivel systems that will work with most windsocks and masts. Many of our products are available for you to buy online.

Go to the online shop to buy from our standard range of windsocks. If you want to get some more information first, go to our windsock page. Want a custom made windsock that is not available in our online shop? Call or email us today to talk to our experts.

Find out more about our windsock masts and windsock swivel systems that we provide. 

Our Products

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Our UK produced premium windsocks come in any size and pattern. We offer different fixing options and custom printing.

Know what windsock you need? Go straight to the online shop to order from our standard range of windsocks or contact us to get expert advice and an individual quote.

Windsock Masts

Every windsock needs a windsock mast. Depending on your industry there are different types that we recommend using. Read more about our windsock masts here.

To ensure you are getting the right one for you, contact us for a quote.

Swivel Systems

Our windsock swivel systems fit most windsocks fitted with a harness system or band of eyelets. We offer a range of swivel systems – depending of the size and location of your windsock.

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